African Products

African Product (U) Ltd is the brainchild of Robert Sekitto, a young man from Masaka, one of the major agricultural districts in Uganda. Robert Sekitto derives his inspiration from his hunger and desire to help improve the lives of the local communities, primarily in Masaka and ultimately all over the region. Robert and African Product aim to achieve this objective by harnessing Uganda's God-given resources and communities of friendly, energetic highly motivated locals. African Product further processes the natural organic fruit from Uganda's soils into a packaged product for the whole world to enjoy. To maintain the high organic quality, African Product uses only organic processes like solar drying which is the most common method in Uganda; while keeping a high level of hygiene at the same time.

Our Vision: we envision ourselves as the preferred growing, processing and exporting company of top quality organic fruits and vegetables in the region. We envision ourselves transforming whole communities and countries by encouraging horticulture among farmers while providing them with access to competitive prices at the global market.

Our Mission: we will actively engage in large, purely organic farming, through maximum exploitation of the vast natural God-given resources in Uganda.

Our Objectives:
- Funding projects that help the less fortunate especially in remote areas.
- Creating employment opportunities for the local communities.
- Promoting organic agriculture in the local community in order to preserve a healthy society.
- Looking for and availing market for the produce of the local community.
- Continued training and knowledge acquisition in organic agricultural production