African Virtual Assistants Network(Afrivan)

African Virtual Assistants Network™ (Afrivan) provides small business and large corporation the access and opportunity to partner, contract or outsource internal or external business projects or processes to qualified and experience Virtual Assistants or Virtual Business Professionals with diverse business backgrounds, who are more than ready to offer their various business services, solutions and products locally and globally to companies.
Afrivan also made it possible for small business to have access to Virtual Assistants(VAs) in their own community or country as well as Virtual Assistants abroad to meet their business goals and objectives.

African Virtual Assistants Network™ (Afrivan) is a professional network of Virtual Assistants and Virtual Business Professionals in Africa and around the world, who shares our business values and advance ways of providing business support service and solutions to companies worldwide by using unifying technologies and business tools to deliver services and solutions.

Afrivan was established to give Virtual Assistants opportunities for business exposure, education while networking and empowering to work together for a common good of clients success, career advancement and VA industry.