Alexandria Modern Trade Company ( AMTC )

Founded in 2006, Alexandria Modern Trade Company AMTC is a leading Export Management and Localization firm based in Egypt. Striving hard, AMTC has grown at a remarkable rate to be where it is now. Today, it is one of rare Egyptian companies able to provide integrated system solutions and components for local and International Marketing Management.

Backed with professional and highly diversified team, AMTC operates as the exclusive export department for a select group of factories in Egypt, Middle East and Africa. AMTC is that four angles entity connected to a center of a deep knowledge, experience and creativity building a new shape of productivity; The shape of profit!

AMTC Business Partners cover wide range of products and geographical areas across 5 continents; each of them is at the front lines of his industry in a unique and distinctive way in terms of quality, durability, innovation or distribution network. Our partners list includes, but not limited to, Fresh Artichokes, Frozen Artichokes, Marinated Artichokes in Brine, charcoal, Calcined Kaolin (China Clay), Feldspar, Minerals, Rock Phosphate, Refractories, Wrought Iron , Medical Equipment, PP Straps, Glassware, fused glass platters, hotels supplies, Food & Beverages, Textiles and Apparel.