AtoZ Textile Mills Ltd

AtoZ Textile Mills Ltd is a largest diversified, reputed manufacturer exporter, supplier of various items based in Arusha, Tanzania. We dealth with "

1) PP Packaging & Printing (PP Cement Bag, Raffia Bag, Recycle PP Granule in all colors etc)
2) Plastic packaging Items (utensils, home use item, material packaging, jars, cans etc)
3) Textiles & Garments (T-Shirt, Polo-Shirt, Garments etc)
4) Construction & Equipments (Cement, Coal, Steel, Construction Safety Net / Debris Net)
5) Medicated / non medicated Insecticidal Mosquito netting / Vector Health Netting
6) Mineral Water (brand: iceberg)
7) Agro-products (Maize, Sugar etc)
8) Transportation, Fleet & Logistics (Trucking services etc)
9) Warehouse / storage facility (within our premises in KISANGO).