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What is the future of South Africa's mining sector? -
South Africa has some of the world's biggest reserves of platinum, gold, iron ore and coal. But mining now makes up less than seven percent of its economic output, a steep fall from 20 percent in the 1970s. Mining companies are blaming low prices and ...

'Ramaphoria' Evaporates as Reality Sets In for South Africa ... - Bloomberg

If there were any doubts that the euphoria following Cyril Ramaphosa's election as president of South Africa has worn off, this week's slump in the rand has ...

The US Military Is Worried About China's Moves in Africa - The National Interest Online (blog)

The National Interest Online (blog)
The Pentagon and US State Department are reinforcing their commitment to African security and influence amid numerous reports of stepped up Chinese military and economic incursions into the region. Having established a military base in Djibouti on the ...

Fighting poachers in central Africa's secret Eden -
In 1889, an intrepid, 20-year-old American called William Stamps Cherry made a solo voyage up the Congo's tributaries. His destination was Oubangui-Chari, a remote corner of the French Empire, in what would later become the Central African Republic ...

Why tourism in Africa is on the upswing - Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature Network
The World Tourism Organization sees a bright future for Africa. Over the next dozen years, it projects that the number of tourist arrivals on the continent will jump from about 50 million to 130 million. A growing number of African countries and ...

Business And Economy - Consulting

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Business And Economy - Consulting [ 21-40 of 81]

South Africa Ancor Empowerment

Provide an advisory, training and retainer service in the areas of Human Resources, Diversity Management, Labour Law and Industrial Relations.

South Africa BESC

Specializing in environmental management systems, integrated environmental management, industrial ecology, and aquatic biotechnology.

South Africa Centurion Quality Management

Centurion Quality Management

Provide quality management consulting services and assists organizations to achieve certification to the ISO 9000 international standard.

South Africa Manstrat


Manstrat is an independent consultancy firm, which offers a multitude of agricultural and human resource development and planning services.

South Africa McIntosh Xaba And Associates

McIntosh Xaba and Associates

Grouping of specialists involved in institutional and development research and facilitation in the Southern African region.

South Africa QPRO International

Assists clients to manage their food safety, quality and brand standards programmes.

South Africa Realtime Strategies

Realtime Strategies

Strategy analysts delivering a packaged service approach.

South Africa Retail Management Consultant

Retail Management Consultant

Solutions, including risk monitoring, for any retail outlet.

South Africa Savant Analytic

Savant Analytic

Niche technology consultancy specializing in due diligence studies and patent valuations to business strategy and raising capital.

South Africa Symbiosys Consulting

Symbiosys Consulting

Provides consulting and application development services to clients in South Africa and the United States.

South Africa SynNovation


Skills development and innovation facilitation in terms of strategic and operational aspects, as well as interpersonal issues.

South Africa TeamDynamics

Marketing, advertising and teambuilding consultants.

South Africa Proactive Group

Proactive Group

IT consulting and support services nationwide.

South Africa Quality Strategies International

Consulting and training in quality management systems.

South Africa Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards

An incentive motivational performance improvement company.

South Africa Techies.Co.Za

Freelance jobs, message board and programming books for technical experts.

South Africa Adcorp Holdings Limited

Adcorp Holdings Limited

Recruitment, public relations and market research.

South Africa ABPLAN


a business planning and e-commerce strategy consultancy specializing in the needs of especially small to medium-sized companies and on building ...

South Africa Burlington Strategy Advisors

Burlington Strategy Advisors

Advisory firm developing local knowledge and capabilities through the sharing of international experience.

South Africa PSU International

PSU International

Specialises in utility revenue services through the formation of partnerships with utility companies and municipalities.

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Business And Economy - Consulting [ 21-40 of 81]