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South Africa kidnappers make ransom demand in bitcoin - The Guardian

The Guardian
The case appears to be the first ransom demand in South Africa made in virtual currency. Photograph: Chesnot/Getty Images. A gang that kidnapped a South African teenager from a playground at the weekend have demanded a ransom in bitcoin worth about ...

Africa Is Not a Country - Harbus Online

Harbus Online
'What would you do if you were Africa?' This question said it all to me. I came to HBS excited to learn more about the role of business in a global context. After having worked and lived in a few different countries on the African continent, I expected ...

Now is the time to kickstart an auto manufacturing revolution in Africa - Quartz

African nations can leapfrog basic manufacturing to build industrial capabilities and capacity in the auto manufacturing sector African nations can leapfrog other basic and light manufacturing sectors and stretch themselves to build industrial ...

US-South Africa Bilateral Relationship Faces Difficult Road Ahead - Council on Foreign Relations (blog)

Council on Foreign Relations (blog)
The Trump administration's foreign policy moves with respect to Iran and Jerusalem can have consequences, perhaps unintended, for U.S. bilateral relations elsewhere. John Stremlau, an American academic based at South Africa's prestigious University of ...

West Africa Leaks - International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (blog)

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (blog)
Today's stories reveal financial secrets about some of West Africa's most powerful politicians and business leaders. It's the first time these people have come under this kind of scrutiny. I'm thrilled to expand our collaborative model to new parts of ...

Business And Economy - Consulting

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Business And Economy - Consulting [ 61-80 of 81]

South Africa Quantec


A consultancy providing global country intelligence, economic and financial data, forecasting and analytical software.

South Africa Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services offers professional services to their clients by providing effective solutions, responsive to technical and community concerns.

South Africa Executive Research Associates Cc (ERA)

Executive Research Associates cc (ERA)

South African based socio-economic labour and political consultancy with a local and international associate network.

South Africa Bergman-Ingerop


Multi-disciplinary consulting engineering practice with South African experience and French technology.

South Africa VM Services

VM Services

VM Services are specialists in Value Engineering, Analysis and Management Training and Facilitation in South Africa.

South Africa Virtus Business Advisors

Virtus Business Advisors

Focuses on business planning and business development.

South Africa Mthimkhulu Training International

Mthimkhulu Training International

Celebrating Humanity programmes are designed to unite diverse people into powerful respectful teams through developing respect, communication, accountability and understanding.

South Africa Xpdian


Consulting services, with a specific focus on the design, implementation and alignment of enterprise architecture using the UML.

South Africa Tobi Suttner Cc

Tobi Suttner cc

Focuses on statutory compliance, providing a full range of corporate secretarial services.

South Africa Organisational Diagnostics

Organisational Diagnostics

Large range of organisational diagnostic instruments and software to conduct surveys and audits.

South Africa PathFinder Strategic Resources

PathFinder Strategic Resources

Strategy planning and facilitation firm specialising in stakeholder engagement.

South Africa TOGA Engineering Management Consultants

Engineering Outsourcing Company, specialising in Electrical and Mechanical outsourcing for industry.

South Africa ASINTA


A Global Consulting Network. ASINTA partnership offers you the depth of knowledge of a large international organization plus the personal ...

South Africa XYZ Design Consultancy

XYZ Design Consultancy

An industrial design and product development consultancy based in Cape Town.

South Africa TOC Practitioners In Southern Africa

TOC Practitioners in Southern Africa

A business educational website dedicated to the Theory of Constraints.

South Africa The PSQ Group Consultant Engineers

The PSQ Group Consultant Engineers

Professional consultant engineers dedicated to making organisations competitive in the global marketplace.

South Africa C&M Consulting Engineers

C&M Consulting Engineers

Specialist air pollution consultants and suppliers of air pollution monitoring equipment.

South Africa Aspiration


Web-based HR software with competency, training, employment equity, career and performance management features.

South Africa Ancor Manpower Dynamics

Ancor Manpower Dynamics

Human resources consultancy and training in Cape Town.

South Africa ProjectLink Consulting

ProjectLink Consulting

Project management consulting services.

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Business And Economy - Consulting [ 61-80 of 81]