Business Dynamics Consultants

​​We survey organisational climate, wellness and resilience, to provide management information regarding employee satisfaction, (and) the state of the organisation, in order to address concerns, such as the total amount of income lost on a monthly basis, due to dissatisfaction in the work place, as well as facilitate mergers and organisational development interventions. This assessment allows for the constructive development of organisations into more efficient functioning units, and provides clear direction for development initiatives in the future.

We measure individuals by means of Business Intelligence (BI). BI classically refers to computer-based techniques used in analyzing business data, such as sales revenue by products and/or departments or associated costs and incomes in order to support better business decision-making. Business Intelligence serves as a decision support system for companies to make informed, evidence-based business decisions.


Location: Pretoria, Gauteng - South Africa South Africa

Desc: Business Dynamic Consultants 

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