Our track record over this period speaks for itself and is reflected in our prestigious client base of high net worth individuals, corporate entities, pension funds and unit trust clients. This, coupled with a dedicated, experienced and highly qualified management team allows us to give you the efficient service for which we have become renowned. Datvest currently manages over US$80 million in assets on the stock and fixed income markets.

Our Investment Objective is to “Exceed agreed benchmarked returns over a rolling three year period using a Balanced Methodology.”

We believe that a suitable weighting should be assigned to each asset class represented in a fund, dictated by the nature of the investor’s liabilities, which combine to produce a diversified portfolio. Upon taking on a new client we meet with the trustees and agree strategy and core buying lists around which we build a portfolio.

We utilise a focused portfolio methodology and our equity portfolios are relatively low risk and are approved by Trustees in terms of our Strategic Plan.

Web: http://datvest.co.zw

Location: Harare - Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

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