Durban based wholesale and retail of curio from all over Africa. Our products have also grown from supporting the local communities, to sourcing from craft projects all over Africa giving us a diverse product range. Our products are not only diverse in range, but also in value. We offer humble utilitarian items like a wood salad server that sells for R 50.00, to African art works and sculptures that are valued at tens of thousands of Rand.

Web: http://www.earthafricacurio.com

Location: Durban - South Africa South Africa

African curio wholesale and retail based in Durban South Africa. Curios from all over Africa.
African masks, Shona art, African art, Zulu shields & spears, drums, elephant tail bracelets, Zulu beadwork, wood carved giraffe and hippo, big five wall hangings,
ostrich eggs, clay pots, soapstone carvings, ironwood sculptures, ethnic candles, grass baskets , chess sets, hammocks, animal horns,

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