EASUD Aviation Support Co. Ltd.

EASUD Aviation Support Co. Ltd (EASUD.A.S) is an international company based in Sudan/Khartoum that works in the field of aviation services and support for all kinds of aircraft including airliners, aircraft operated by companies, private jets, or aircraft operated by organizations, regardless of the destinations these aircraft come fly from according to the EASA-Ops requirements.

* EASUD Aviation Support Co. Ltd. seeks to guarantee secure, safe and smooth flights for all its customers and clients.

*We provide a world-class quality services to meet the needs of esteemed clients 24/7.

*Our staff is composed of highly experienced professionals who speak several languages and are fully ready to meet the needs of your flights with swiftness and quality that exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients.

*We are committed to building high quality and enduring partnerships based on mutual interests, trust and respect.

* EASUD Aviation Support Co. Ltd. (EASUD.A.S) provides multiple services for all aviation sectors, airlines, operators, the private sector, charter flights and VIPs.

*Preceding the arrival of your flight; EASUD Aviation Support Co. Ltd. Prepares all the necessary landing and over flight clearance permits for domestic and international flights through its reliable communication channels.

*Upon the arrival of your flight; you will find our representatives waiting to facilitate all the difficulties that may arise with high professionalism and ensuring that all the arrangements related to your flight are taken care of; including passenger check-in, flight crew hosting, refueling, catering, and providing Computerized Flight Plans, Weather Reports, and Notam.

*If you are interested in loading or offloading your plane; don't worry. We are not only specialized in offering that service, but also in customs clearance.

*Rest assured that we operate according to the requirements of the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority, and we are seeking to build a world-class reputation through the services we provide; that is why EASUD Aviation Support Co. Ltd. (EASUD.A.S) is your ideal choice.