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Africa should respond to Trump's racist rant by taking the moral high ground - Quartz

Official reactions from Africa were appropriately critical of President Donald Trump's credibly reported comments about not wanting more immigrants coming to the US from “shithole” countries. This included all those south of the Sahara. A few reactions ...
New York Times
Council on Foreign Relations (blog)
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Private debt can help drive African growth - Financial Times

Financial Times
Private debt is recognised as an institutional asset class and as an alternative source of risk-adjusted returns for institutional investors globally. While some investors have specific, fixed allocations to private debt, others allocate from fixed ...

Giant 910-carat diamond mined in southern Africa kingdom of Lesotho - USA TODAY

One of the largest diamonds in world history has been mined in the southern Africa kingdom of Lesotho. The gem, equivalent to 182 grams and roughly the size of two golf balls, was recovered in Lesotho's historically-productive Letšeng mine, according ...
Los Angeles Times
Mental Floss
Fox News

Trump's Insults Will Nudge African Nations Closer To China - NPR

Last week President Trump reportedly singled out Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as "shithole countries" whose people were not the kind of immigrants the United States wanted. At the time, I happened to be in Serekunda, Gambia's largest urban ...
Business Insider

Africa is sending us its best and brightest - Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune
President Donald Trump decried Thursday that the U.S. was not taking in enough immigrants from Norway, and accepting too many arrivals from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa, combined with some flowery language I would prefer not to reproduce. There has ...


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Cameroon Embassy Of The Federal Republic Of Germany In Cameroon

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cameroon

Information about the politics, economy, culture and travelling. [English, French, German]

Botswana Japan - Tokyo

With tourism, trade and investment information.

Botswana United Kingdom

United Kingdom

With contact details, opening hours, and a map showing the location of the British High Commission in Gaborone, Botswana.

Botswana United States

United States

As well as being accredited to Botswana, the ambassador is also the Secretary of State's Special Representative to the Southern ...

Benin United States

United States

With recent news about U.S.-West African relations, and a list of attorneys and notaries practicing in Benin.

Category: Government - Embassies and Consulates

Location: Benin

Angola Canada - Toronto

Canada - Toronto

With basic information on Angola and its politics.

Algeria South Korea - Seoul

South Korea - Seoul

In English and Korean, with information on Algeria and its economic potential.

Tanzania Norway


Summarises the work of the Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation, and includes visiting hours, visa information, and contact details for ...

Libya United States

United States

United States Liaison Office in Tripoli which will be upgraded to Embassy status, as announced May 15, 2006.

Category: Government - Embassies and Consulates

Location: Libya

Tanzania Ministry Of Finance

Ministry of Finance

Describes the government's assets and liabilities, and auctions of unwanted assets.

Category: Government

Location: Tanzania

South Africa Japan - Tokyo

Japan - Tokyo

With information on VAT refunds and on consular matters.

Rwanda United Kingdom - London

United Kingdom - London

Accredited to the UK, Ireland and the Nordic countries. Includes much information on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and subsequent ...

Ghana Russia


Embassy of the Russian Federation, located in Accra and accredited to Ghana and Liberia, featuring information on Russia's state symbols ...

Category: Government - Embassies and Consulates

Location: Ghana

Rwanda Rwanda Ministry Of Finance And Economic Planning

Information about the ministry's objectives, programmes and budgets plus news briefs, press releases, profiles of the Minister of State and ...

Category: Government

Location: Rwanda

Niger United States

United States

Includes a biography of the ambassador.

Category: Government - Embassies and Consulates

Location: Niger

South Africa South African Ministry Of Defence

South African Ministry of Defence

The home page of the South African Ministry of Defence with links to all the arms and other defence force ...

Egypt Germany


Information about the embassy and the ambassador, about German foreign policy and culture. With quotations from the Egyptian media about ...

Category: Government - Embassies and Consulates

Location: Egypt

Ghana United States - Washington DC

United States - Washington DC

Promotes and protects the national interests of Ghana within the United States in a manner as to meaningfully contribute to ...

Category: Government - Embassies and Consulates

Location: Ghana

South Africa United Kingdom - London

United Kingdom - London

Contains news, consular, passport, visa, economic, political and other information from the South African High Commission.

South Africa Department Of Public Enterprises

The official web site for the Ministry of Public Enterprises of South Africa

Category: Government

Location: South Africa

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Government [ 141-160 of 491]