International School of Morocco

The International School of Morocco is an independent, international primary day school in Casablanca following an American-style curriculum with English as the primary language of instruction.
We offer a rigorous academic program that encourages students to access their own intrinsic enthusiasm for learning through integrated units that are based on student inquiry and an ongoing exploration of the ways in which people communicate and express themselves.
Our well-rounded curriculum offers children opportunities to explore themes and ideas through not only the core subject areas of language arts (reading & writing), math, science, and social studies, but through integrated enrichment subjects as well. Visual arts, music, drama, and physical education nurture each child’s investigation of topics at an even richer level. Strong language programs, for both language learners and native speakers, support English as the primary language of instruction by allowing further opportunities to explore literacy concepts and enhance content knowledge and skills. This multifaceted curriculum enables us to address the learning styles of a wide range of learners, while exploring the important and enduring understanding that we communicate and express ourselves in multiple ways. Indeed, language and communication provide a common thread that unites everything we do, forming the background against which we hope to weave a rich tapestry of learning for our students.


Location: Casablanca - Morocco Morocco

Desc: International School of Morocco 

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