Kayunga Integrated Community Action for Development-KICAD

Kayunga Intergrated Community Action for Development(KICAD) is a not -for-profit organization established in 2008 and got registered in 2012 by some dedicated, devoted and committed Youths with an aim of undertaking innovative programs for development solutions through actively involving primarily distressed, marginalized and poor people, especially orphans and children, Youth,Young mothers, and widows in Kayunga district of Uganda.

KICAD has been working with these marginalized people who have been affected and not by HIV/AIDS through target group approach.
Accordingly, it organizes the distress and powerless people into homogeneous group for their development through motivation, awareness building and education.

Secondly, KICAD empowers marginalized out of school orphan girls, Youths, Young mothers and widows through health and vocational training and sharing of experience.

Finally, KICAD facilitates in initiation of economic activities by micro-credit support for regular income to alleviate poverty and promoting women’s economic rights and control over resources through active involvement and participation.

Web: http://volunteerkicad.blogspot.com

Location: Kampala - Uganda Uganda

Desc: Kayunga Intergrated Community Action for Development (KICAD) 

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