Kenya Association of Psychiatrists

One of the Aims and Objectives of The Kenya Psychiatric Association is to promote and improve mental health in the community.

On 8th July 1986, Dr. Sobbie Mulindi wrote to the Registrar of Societies enquiring about the status of the registration of KPA. In his letter he explained to the Registrar that it was urgent for the association to be registered because the new organization was due to play host to a meeting co-sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association and the African Association of Psychiatrists, later the same year from 11th to 14th March 1986.

He signed the letter as the Interim Secretary of KPA, and copied it to Prof. Acuda who was Vice Chair to the Conference Organising Committee. No records exist on any earlier meetings but they must have been held, to prepare for the application.

On 23rd July 1986 the Registrar of Societies issued Certificate No.13237, as the official document for the official existence of KPA. The official launch of the association took place at the Milimani Hotel on 10th October 1987.


Location: Nairobi - Kenya Kenya

Desc: The Kenya Psychiatric Association aims at attaining the following aims and objectives:
* The association shall be on non-political, non – religious and non-profit making organization.
* To foster brotherly relations among psychiatrists
* To promote psychiatry in Kenya
* To promote and improve mental health in the community
* To conduct and co-ordinate research, to disseminate information and knowledge pertaining to the field of psychiatry mental health through publications, journals, periodisals and news letters.
* To maintain professional and ethical standards in the practice of psychiatry.
* To co-ordinate and liaise with national and international bodies with similar objectives on matters related to mental health.
* To raise funds and to receive donations for the promotion and furtherance of the above aims.
* To offer expertise and advice on professional matters related to mental health.
* To organize meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops at regional, national and international levels in promotion and furtherance of the above aims.

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