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Malezi Aids Care Awareness Organization (MACAO) is a humanitarian service working in Arusha (Northern Tanzania) in partnership with the local churches, government and other partners to improve the lives of orphans and most-vulnerable Children and to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases. MACAO is an organization which works voluntarily. It is a non-profit sharing, non-governmental organization and a non-sectional and interdenominational organization with no gender discriminations.

MACAO NGOs was formed on September 2003 in Arusha Region. This was a positive response to the community here in Arusha. This organization was registered to the Government of Tanzania on September 2006. Our registration number is 01NGO/ a non-profit sharing, non-government organization, non-sectional and interdenominational organization.

The Organization works with local churches through hospitality services to achieve the following main objectives:-
To relieve distress and suffering of orphans and most vulnerable children living with HIV/AIDS and disabled people who have lost hope through economical and social opportunities.
To encourage and assist the formulation of action oriented development projects based on sharing of experiences, ideas and knowledge.
To Gives care and support to the OVC with HIV/AIDS and their relatives in Northern Tanzania including medical care, clothing, food and counseling for behavior and attitude change.

To relieve distress and suffering Maasai orphans and vulnerable children living in Ngorongoro Arusha Regional by providing programs and services focusing on education fees, Books, uniforms, food, clothing, medical care.
To establish orphanage and protects their rights

Target Groups:
The target group is the orphans and most vulnerable in Maasai Pastoralists communities to understand more about HIV/AIDS and to know the ways to prevent the new transmission of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Environment community development education.

Sustainability Issues:
Macao is interested to continue existing in order to prolong serving its target group over time. In order to do this there are four sustainability issues those will continue to be addressed by our Organization:-

We are sustaining overtime the benefits realized from work we done with target people We are interested in strengthening and building our capacity to perform better. Financial sustainability is a great need for our Organization to cover over-heads and operational costs.
Relationship/networking sustainability is greatly needed where our services needed are beyond our resources capacity. Macao is interested into network with other organizations in responding to the need of target communities.


Location: Arusha - Tanzania Tanzania

Desc: MACAO Tanzania: a Malezi HIV/AIDS Care Awareness Organization (NGO) 

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