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We are Strategy Consultants and view our mandate as creating strategies that facilitates the sharing of mutually beneficial information to stimulate sustainable economic growth, entrepreneurship and socio-economic development. We are not a publicity agency. We do not exist for the sole purpose of obtaining coverage for clients for their achievements.

Business Communication is not just limited to Media Engagement or paid for advertising. Communication needs to be consistent, proactive and reach all levels of stakeholders via the appropriate channels that they consume.
Communication also takes into account challenges of infrastructure, language and culture to ensure the message connects with the audience.
Gecko Connect develops Communication Strategies for and with clients to provide a blueprint for proactive communication and covers the following areas:
Communication Strategy Development
Media & Presentation Skills Training
Crisis Communication support
Reputation Management/ Brand Protection
Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance has become a buzzword in many corporate corridors. But very few projects take into account the Social Impact universe of that project and the underlying brand reputational risks by association that exist.
Gecko Connect’s services are focussed on three key areas of Corporate Governance.
CSI Strategy
Our efforts are focussed on developing these strategies with clients whilst connecting the various stakeholder dots, making room for impact assessments, clear exit strategies and operational integration so that the various elements of Corporate Governance become a standard part of the way clients do business as opposed to ticking boxes for reporting and scorecard purposes.
Global Expansion
The world is becoming smaller daily, with technology connecting people across continents and country borders. With this in mind, companies are moving into new unknown territories to expand their business and/or increase their supply base.
Two of the major pitfalls with business expansion is a lack of understanding of the operational environment and the cultural influences in the territories they are moving into.
Gecko Connect supports clients with Global Expansion by supplying 4 keys services:
Market Research & Opportunity Identification
Cultural Diplomacy Strategies
Facilitating Relationships and Introductions
Trade Delegations


Location: Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa South Africa

Desc: Strategy Consultants
Gecko Connect is a Cape Town based Strategy Consultants specialising in Communication, Corporate Governance and Global Expansion.

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