Marrakech Day Trips and Sightseeing Tour

Join us in getting to the heart of Morocco through an exploration of its arts and culture. Morocco is a complex and diverse country that has the Mediterranean Ocean to its north, the Atlas mountain ranges in its center, the Atlantic Ocean to its west, and the vast open Sahara to its south. It has long been the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East, and West Africa, and its geographic diversity is matched by its cultural diversity. Berbers, Romans, Arabs, Jews, West Africans, and Europeans have all influenced the arts and culture of Morocco.


Location: Marrakech - Morocco Morocco

Desc: Private and Shared Marrakech Day Trips and Sahara Desert Tours
Private and shared Marrakech day trips include Essaouira, Ourika and atlas mountains day trips, sahara desert tours from Marrakech Fes desert trours.

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