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About Desert Sahara

Tourism in the Great South is generally characterized with different factors which motivate the curiosity of tourists to seek an oasis of calmness and turn away from the noise and polluted atmosphere of the cities.

The great oasis of Merzouga, the gateway to this impressive south, has a special geographic position allowing it to be one of the best tourist destination that Morocco can be proud of. The route to the oasis is to some extent forming an essential part of the great circuit taken by tourists interested in the Sahara desert. The mystery behind this circuit is wonderfully attractive.

The Sahara route has a worldwide impression as it is considered the most legendary on the planet. According to Moroccan newspaper La Vie Touristique Africaine, the American New York Times calls this route in one of its published issues as “the route of challenge” (“La route”2003,p.6). The tone of adventure in this area of the world has a special taste for desert tourists. Dunes of sand are the best example over which we should shed more light.

Erg Chebbi, sand dunes in the great oasis of Merzouga, is one of the great sights of Morocco. It constitutes a miraculous wall-like structure of dunes. Besides, it is aligned almost completely north-south. The charm of Erg Chebbi, in which the highest dunes attain 200 meters, raises different attractive points considered to be the tourists true motives to visit the great Oasis.

The colour of the dunes depends, of course, on their chemical composition, but the colour also differs according of the inclination of slope, thus according to the angle of the incidence of the sunlight. The Erg Chebbi extends over a distance of 20 km from north to south and 6,5 km towards the east. The beauty of these dunes is a real magnet for tourists both foreigners and Moroccans. These latter target the Oasis to seek cures for some disease such as rheumatism.

The importance of Erg Chebbi encourages many investors to found dozen of “auberges” along its edge. This situation brings the visitors to a close contact with nature as the main source of Quietness. Therefore,­ the great Oasis of Merzouga becomes a destination well-worth visiting destination for tourists fond of the Great South


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