Nigerian Health Journal

The Nigerian Health Journal began as a blog in 2009 offering well written features, special reports, exclusive interviews and analysis thus satisfying the need for USEFUL stories on the Nigerian health sector written in an engaging prose. That role has been expanded with the launch of this website as we intend to provide an All- Health News site designed to serve as the hub for news, information and debates on critical health issues. We are creating a one-stop market place of ideas for Nigerians to engage with those they trust with their lives.


Location: Abuja - Nigeria Nigeria

Desc: We feel health news should be just like jeans; creative, unconventional, reliable, timeless and with a size for everyone no matter their shape or style. To make it real, we are leveraging on the power of social media to access and share critical and life saving news and information to reverse the growing cases of preventable deaths due largely to lack of quality information. That is what NIGERIAN HEALTH JOURNAL is all about…it’s about news for the sake of your health!

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