Orange river rafting

Experience the unrivalled beuaty of the Richtersveld desert reserve on a 4-6 day rafting trip on the Orange river. The concept of African Rafting began many years back when we started as young, restless students, trying to sustain our way of life by earning some extra cash during holidays and having fun in the process. From being “handties” for the big boys of those times, to today where we run our own companies, the love for the many beautiful rivers in Africa still burn as strong as those wild, carefree days.


Location: Vioolsdrift, Northern Cape - South Africa South Africa

Desc: Orange River Rafting - Breede River Rafting - Family and corporate rafting trips - African Rafting
Orange River Rafting, Breede River Rafting, Vaal River Rafting, Ash River Rafting, Blyde River Rafting, Doring River Rafting, Vioolsdrift, by The African Rafting Company

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