Portable Accomodation Manufacture,Repair,Supply

RapidCabin & Locations) is a wholly indigenous firm supplying TOTAL PORTABILITY SOLUTIONS across a variety of industries namely construction, housing, wharehousing,transportation, refrigeration, medicine,catering, agriculture,telecoms etc. She has grown exponentially bringing together professionals from different fields of steel fabrication in the bid to provide multi-disciplinary world class industry service using best practices

See list of products
1. portacabins
2. telecoms shelter
3. atm kiosk
4. fancy kiosk
5. mobile lab
6. mobile workshop
7. mobile clinic
8. mobile coldroom
9. mobile cafe
10. mobile class
11. generator / compressor enclosure
12. portable coldroom
13. pickup top
14. lorry body
15. trailer body
16. bus body
17. caravan
18. portable coldroom (4-40feet long)
19. container architechture.

Web: http://rapidcabin.com

Location: Port-Harcourt, Rivers - Nigeria Nigeria

Desc: Camp  & Locations,Modular Buildings, Logistics & Support Services, Noise Management Solutions
Obua Technologies Solutions. provides complete real-life support solutions to customers worldwide, including workforce housing, innovative modular facilities, construction, site support services, logistics support, operations management, noise reduction technologies and turbine emission management systems.

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