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WHO: Africa's healthcare suffering from lack of funding -
A lack of funding is hampering the fight to improve healthcare in Africa, the World Health Organization's (WHO) regional director for the continent has warned, calling for additional resources to improve access to life-saving treatments. More than 445 ...

Africa: The Foundations of Technological Transformation in Africa -
It was fascinating to see how technology of all kinds needs public involvement and good public-private sector partnerships to succeed. There is a direct link between roads, education and health systems and innovation. It is a powerful reminder that ...

Congress to elect Africa's new officials - Daily Nation

Daily Nation
Ethiopian delegates Hana Gebrselassie and Yonas Teshome Getaneh with Sudan's Mufti Mohammed Saeed follow the proceedings after opening the Africa Congress at Lillian Towers, Nairobi on December 17, 2017. PHOTO | MARTIN MUKANGU |. In Summary. Mbaisi ...

Africa's new elite force: women gunning for poachers and fighting for a better life - The Guardian

The Guardian
The black metal of the AR-15 rifle has worn silvery and shiny in parts after years of use. More manageable than an AK-47 in close-quarter combat, the weapon is precise enough to bring down an enemy target at 500 metres. Used for decades by anti ...

Africa: Access to Mobile Phones Won't Magically Fix Youth Unemployment in Africa -
Many in the international development community view technology -not least, mobile phones - as a possible panacea for Africa's youth unemployment crisis. Their use is sharply on the rise. Mobile phones reduce the need for physical travel, allow rapid ...

Recreation And Sports - Martial Arts

Recreation And Sports - Martial Arts [ 1-6 of 6]

South Africa Fight Gear

Fight Gear

Fight Gear offer the biggest fight apparel brands like SPRAWL and FightChix. Fight Gear supply and sponsor Top MMA athletes ...

Category: Recreation and Sports - Martial Arts

Location: Johannesburg - South Africa

South Africa Japan Shotokan Karate Association

Japan Shotokan Karate Association

Founded in Port Elizabeth by Michael Kliment, JSKA provides karate training with an emphasis on family involvement.

South Africa South Africa International Taekwon-Do Federation

South Africa International Taekwon-Do Federation

Information and contacts regarding taekwon-do in South Africa.

South Africa JKD High Performance Street Fighting

JKD High Performance Street Fighting

Functional and realistic high-performance mixed martial arts. [Durban, South Africa]

South Africa South African Martial Arts

South African Martial Arts

A martial arts website punching and kicking with different South African schools, instructors, teachers, dojos, clubs and events.

South Africa Tyshler Fencing School

Sword fencing and swordsmanship training.

Recreation And Sports - Martial Arts [ 1-6 of 6]