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Africa needs its citizens abroad to be among the solutions - New Vision

New Vision
And looking around, there should be a sense of satisfaction with the education that citizens of Africa have attained over the last 50 years or so. You tend to think that Africa's kids are now endowed with the requisite skills to be in good stead to fix ...

South Africa: The poor of Blinkbonnie Road -
Durban, South Africa - Eighteen-year-old Mlungisi Mokoena should be in school, but here he is, on a weekday, guarding his one-room wooden shack roofed with steel sheets. He belongs to one of 50 families living in a green belt of forest on the corner of ...

Rio Tinto's Scramble for Africa - Bloomberg

Rio Tinto's scramble for Africa at the peak of the last mining boom may not have been anywhere near as destructive as the one sparked in the 19th century by another ambitious miner, Cecil Rhodes. Still, it carries a stark warning to an industry gearing ...
Wall Street Journal

Chancellor asks for scrutiny of UK bank links to South Africa corruption inquiry - The Guardian

The Guardian
Lord Hain, who grew up in South Africa and became a prominent anti-apartheid activist, wrote to Hammond last month, warning that whistleblowers have told him that hundreds of millions of pounds has been siphoned out of the country via Hong Kong and ...

How Global Pharma Players Can Gain Traction in Africa - Knowledge@Wharton

Africa is expected to be the fastest growing pharmaceutical market in the world. But in order to gain meaningful inroads there, global players must focus on alternative models for growth that acknowledge Africa's unique provider networks, writes Lauren ...

Recreation And Sports - Martial Arts

Recreation And Sports - Martial Arts [ 1-6 of 6]

South Africa Fight Gear

Fight Gear

Fight Gear offer the biggest fight apparel brands like SPRAWL and FightChix. Fight Gear supply and sponsor Top MMA athletes ...

Category: Recreation and Sports - Martial Arts

Location: Johannesburg - South Africa

South Africa Japan Shotokan Karate Association

Japan Shotokan Karate Association

Founded in Port Elizabeth by Michael Kliment, JSKA provides karate training with an emphasis on family involvement.

South Africa South Africa International Taekwon-Do Federation

South Africa International Taekwon-Do Federation

Information and contacts regarding taekwon-do in South Africa.

South Africa JKD High Performance Street Fighting

JKD High Performance Street Fighting

Functional and realistic high-performance mixed martial arts. [Durban, South Africa]

South Africa South African Martial Arts

South African Martial Arts

A martial arts website punching and kicking with different South African schools, instructors, teachers, dojos, clubs and events.

South Africa Tyshler Fencing School

Sword fencing and swordsmanship training.

Recreation And Sports - Martial Arts [ 1-6 of 6]