Sheik Hassan Maamoun

The entire Maamoun's family contributed to this web page, Aisha Maamoun has compiled all the historical data on Sheik Maamoun Family.

The head of El Maamouns family was an officer in Mohamed Ali Pasha army. He was an either an Albanian or Turkish.

After the end of the war that started in 1805 and ended by Mohamed Ali Pasha becoming the Wally of Egypt, he rewarded his soldiers and our Grand Grand father was one of them by granting them pieces of land.

Our Grand Grand father Esbet El Maamoun received a piece of land in El Delta near El Mansoura City and it was called after him as (Esbet El Maamoun village). I never visited this Esba (small village) and I have very limited information in this respect.


Location: Cairo - Egypt Egypt

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