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Sudan, South Africa and the future of the International Criminal Court in Africa - Washington Post (blog)

Washington Post (blog)
Many believe Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir is the person most responsible for the alleged genocide in Darfur. As such, he isn't supposed to travel freely around the world. But this past June, Bashir visited South Africa for an African Union summit ...
Al Jazeera America
Ventures Africa
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Why China's model of capitalism is popular in Africa—and America's isn't - Quartz

But which version of capitalism? There is the free market, democratic approach of most of the western world, with the US as its most visible example. Or there's the state-dominated version epitomized by China. In Africa, it seems, both approaches are ...

Experts: Traffic is Growing Problem in Africa - Voice of America

Voice of America
But transport experts say reducing road access will not solve Africa's traffic problems. Urban planner Amanda Ngabirano says many African cities, like her hometown of Kampala, Uganda, were poorly planned. “The main challenge we have in Kampala is poor ...

Horn of Africa Grows Hotter and Drier - Scientific American

Scientific American
The Horn of Africa is warming and drying faster now than in the past 2,000 years, new research into ancient marine sediments found. That contradicts global climate models, which show the geopolitically unstable region getting wetter as emissions boost ...
OnEarth Magazine
Climate Home (blog)

15 things Africa could do with the $106 billion cash from deal between world's ... - Mail & Guardian Africa

Mail & Guardian Africa
1—For starters, the amount would be Africa's seventh largest economy, at par with Morocco, and with only Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria and Angola having economies with a higher nominal GDP. It is also larger than the combined GDP of Africa's ...
BBC News
Yahoo News UK

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South Africa African Journals Online

African Journals Online

Offers contents and abstracts of articles from journals in agricultural sciences, science and technology, health, and social sciences. African Journals ...

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Social Science - Journals [ 1-1 of 1]