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Islamic finance is gaining a foothold across Africa - Quartz

Islamic finance is rapidly growing across Africa, with investors, governments, and financial institutions increasingly leveraging its potential for both financing and development. Since 2014, $2.3 billion in sukuk, or Sharia-compliant bonds, have been ...

South Africa legalizing pot at home is great news for its neighbors - Quartz

With puffs of smoke, South Africans are celebrating the decriminalization of smoking weed at home. The country's neighbors could see this as a signal to capitalize on a growing cannabis industry around southern Africa. South Africa's Constitutional ...
The Sydney Morning Herald
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Scientists identified three massive ivory poaching cartels in Africa using genetics - Quartz

When law enforcement agents in African countries uncover a hidden port container of elephant tusks, it's only partially satisfying. On the one hand, they've found an illegal shipment in the 1% to 2% of containers they can inspect, and they can likely ...
Live Science
Science News
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Hotspots, not trouble spots: Africa seeks tourism boom - Eyewitness News

Eyewitness News
CAPE TOWN - Africa draws just 5% of the world's tourists despite boasting attractions ranging from the Pyramids and Victoria Falls to wildlife safaris and endless strips of pristine beach. But the continent's huge potential can be unlocked by ...

[LISTEN] 10 most investment attractive countries in Africa - Eyewitness News

Eyewitness News
JOHANNESBURG – Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) has released a report revealing Africa's top 10 most investment attractive countries. The 2019 'Where to Invest in Africa' report lists Egypt as the top country followed by South Africa and then Morocco.

Society And Culture - Personal Pages

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Society And Culture - Personal Pages [ 21-40 of 87]

Egypt Mastermoe


Mohamed Elmosaly pages.

Category: Society and Culture - Personal Pages

Location: Egypt

South Africa Naude Family

Describes the history of the founding father of the Naudes and the subsequent fortunes of the family in South Africa.

Morocco The Mirror

the Mirror

The blog of a Moroccan writer, touching on Moroccan politics and other issues.

Morocco A Moroccan About The World Around Him

A Moroccan About the world around him

The blog of a Moroccan, discussing politics and personal stories.


A news blog based out of Fez, Morocco

Algeria Lounes,Karim


The Algerian site with Algerian music, Algerian jokes, and pictures of Algeria.

Algeria Ouled Djellal

Ouled Djellal

General information about the town including location, climate, community, geography, history, religion, and language.

Kenya Ostalgia


Personal anecdotes about growing up in rural Kenya and living in Nairobi.

Category: Society and Culture - Personal Pages

Location: Kenya

South Africa Life Adventures

Life Adventures

Personal website of Brendan Dale including photos and a journal.

Morocco Raioo.Com

Includes personal weblog of the site owner, as well as art, news, message board, and hosts additional weblogs.

Morocco Comments On Issues Raised By BBC WHYS

Comments on issues raised by BBC WHYS

The blog of a Moroccan discussing a variety of issues raised by the BBC World's "Have Your Say" program.

Egypt Egyptian Holiday

Egyptian Holiday

Pictures taken on a visit to Egypt in August 2000.

Category: Society and Culture - Personal Pages

Location: Egypt

Benin Marina I Benin

Marina i Benin

A Finnish-Swedish woman's personal blog where she writes about living and working as a volunteer in southern Benin for six ...

Category: Society and Culture - Personal Pages

Location: Benin

Egypt The Egyptian Castle

The Egyptian Castle

Information on Egyptian culture. Features RealAudio and MIDI files of popular music, information about popular Egyptian movies, and live Arabic ...

Category: Society and Culture - Personal Pages

Location: Egypt

Tanzania Africa Honeymoon

Africa Honeymoon

Personal account and photos of a honeymoon in the country.

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Today

Zimbabwe Today

Moses Moyo blog reporting on human rights, and the absence thereof, in Zimbabwe.

Ghana The Trials &Amp; Tribulations Of A Freshly-Arrived Denizen Of Ghana

The Trials & Tribulations of a Freshly-Arrived Denizen of Ghana

Chronicles and observations of life in Accra by a man who lived his formative years in Brussels, Belgium.

Category: Society and Culture - Personal Pages

Location: Ghana

Sierra Leone Focus On Sierra Leone

Focus On Sierra Leone

An objective and critical analysis and commentary on major national events in Sierra Leone.

Kenya St. Mary's Class Of '93

St. Mary's Class of '93

Updates on all the members of the class of 92-93.

Category: Society and Culture - Personal Pages

Location: Kenya

South Africa Reuel Khoza

Reuel Khoza

The website of Reuel Khoza, the chairman of Eskom Holdings Limited.

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Society And Culture - Personal Pages [ 21-40 of 87]