TanoISP Internet Solutions Provider

TanoISP we are not just a service provider, but we are an Internet Solutions Provider. tanoISP is part of the Tanovero affiliated group of companies and can therefore give you the client the best possible support at virtually a fraction of the cost.

tanoISP offers Quality internet services at the most affordable prices
tanoISP offers Website design from only R2500 (once-off)
tanoISP offers Website hosting from as little as R19/month
tanoISP offers FREE, tested and internationally used open-source Web-based Applications
tanoISP offers FREE Fax-2-Email and even Email-2-Fax services
tanoISP offers VOIP technology for small and medium enterprises with FREE inter-branch calls.
tanoISP offers Bulk SMS from as little as 24cents per sms
tanoISP offers Bulk Email/Newsletters for only 5cents per newsletter
tanoISP offers a wide range of ADSL, Broadband, Capped, Uncapped, Dedicated, Managed services,
tanoISP offers Domain Name Registration from R50 and FREE Domain Name Transfers
tanoISP offers Linux, Windows, ASP, PHP, SQL, MySQL hosting options from as little as R19/month
tanoISP offers Innovative Products that will suit every clients needs
tanoISP have a group of Passionate People that always strive to be the best in the industry
tanoISP offers Great Value products and services.

Web: http://www.tano.co.za

Location: Western Cape - South Africa South Africa

Desc: TANO'VERO Group - Home - Promotions, Marketing and Internet Solutions
Tano'vero Affiliated Group is your preferred partner for corporate marketing, promotions and Internet Solutions Provider with unparalleled service history.

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