Telecoms, Internet And Broadcast In Africa

Consultancy projects have included:
* Producing a business plan for a learning channel for a leading regional production company.
* Identifying the market potential for a Pay-TV operation.
* Carrying out a feasibility study of a terrestrial fibre route from Lagos to Accra.
* Identifying the number of base stations and towers used by Africa’s mobile operators and the likely growth over the next 3-5 years.
* Research on the deployment of WiMAX-relevant spectrum in selected African countries.
* Assessing the current state of play with the transition to digital broadcasting in 23 countries.
* Providing consultancy and research to an African carrier on national backbone prices, transmission spectrum prices and new investment opportunities.
* Advising an African Government on how it might develop its national backbone through creating a separate infrastructure company with the involvement of the country’s private carrier.